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Valiant Warriors Vanquished

The White Sox lost 6-2 to the Rays Monday night.  Consequently, their season is over.  The Rays are the winners of the division series and will be moving on to face Boston in the league championship series.

Don’t hate the Rays because they beat the Sox.  The Rays are a great team.  Great teams beat good teams, like the White Sox.  That’s one of the differences between a good team and a great one.  The Red Sox will have their hands full in the next round.

I can’t feel bad for the White Sox.  I really can’t.  They left it all on the field.  The White Sox survived four different elimination games over eight days.  It took until elimination game number five to finally end their season. 

Just to get in the playoffs, they faced three elimination games in a row.  That’s like playing in a seven game series, falling behind three games to none, and coming back to force a game seven.

God bless Ozzie Guillen for leaving Quentin off the roster for the division series.  As I understand it (and I could be wrong,) Quentin could have played in the division series if need be, even though he wasn’t quite back to 100% health. 

There are probably managers would have used him, even knowing Quentin would be risking re-injuring his wrist.  There are probably managers in that situation who feel so insecure about their jobs that they would risk playing someone who really shouldn’t be playing just because staying a little longer in the playoffs would make that manager look better in the eyes of the General Manager.  

Guillen genuinely cares about his players.  Quentin is young and has a long career ahead of him. Guillen wasn’t about to risk Quentin’s health for this series.  Guillen deserves a great deal of respect for putting the health of his players first.

The White Sox may have exited the playoffs in the first round, but they have no reason to feel sorry for themselves.  They fought tooth and nail to get where they were.  Monday, the Sox maybe didn’t play as well as they could have.  However, they didn’t implode, either.  The Sox are a good team.  They just ran into a great team.

This lady is proud of you, White Sox.  All of you.  You couldn’t have fought any harder. 


Danks A Million

How good is John Danks? 

For the second time in a week, he’s been on the money on the mound for the White Sox in an elimination game.  He threw 6.2 innings, and gave up three runs (all earned) on seven hits.  Final score: White Sox 5, Rays 3.

Like I said, Danks is one of my favorites.  All he does is pitch his backside off.  Then he goes out five days later and does it again.

The bullpen didn’t have to be used very much, thanks to Danks throwing six innings and change.  Dotel pitched .1 of an inning, Thornton pitched one inning, and then Jenks took over for the ninth.  None of them gave up any runs.  In fact, Jenks is the only one who even gave up a hit, and he only gave up one.
Fortunately, the offense came through.  Three runs are not too expensive for a starting pitcher to give up, but the offense has to manufacture at least four to get the win.  Thome went 1-3, Griffey went 2-4, Wise went 1-3 with two RBI, Uribe went 1-3 with an RBI, and Ramirez had an RBI. 

While I’m talking about Danks, I can’t forget Pierzynski.  Not only did Pierzynski call a good game, he also went 2-3 with an RBI and a walk. 

Monday’s another elimination game.  It’s getting to feel like same old, same old.  Floyd will be on the mound versus Sonnanstine. As I write this, it’s about 10 minutes to the start of game three.  If the Sox make it the next round, they’ll get Quentin back.  Quentin has looked like the steal of the century all season.  With his bat back in the lineup, the offense can only get better.

This lady is once again in black, awaiting Floyd to throw the first pitch.  Please, White Sox, make me spend some hard-earned money on more championship gear.