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The All Star Game and Two-Thirds

What.  a.  GAME.

Longest All Star Game ever at four hours and fifty minutes, ties for most innings in an All Star Game at 15 innings, two stretches (seventh and fourteenth innings), great pitching, good hitting, good fielding, and an American League victory. On top of all that, both Joe Crede and Carlos Quentin got into the game and got to bat at least once.  In fact, due to the length of the game, Boston manager Terry Francona ran out of position players and Quentin wound up playing several innings.  

Now, if by some miracle a Red Line World Series really does happen, the Sox will have home field advantage.  Think home field advantage isn’t important?  In the last 25 years, the team with home field advantage is 20-5 in the World Series.  

I think I finally understand what the announcers are talking about when they talk about a player keeping their offense and their defense separate.  After grounding into an inning-ending double play in the top of the tenth inning, Uggla promptly committed two errors in the bottom of the tenth.  He seemed like he sort of fell apart out there.  At that stage of the game, I doubt there was anyone available to replace him, either.  As much as I wanted the American League to win, I didn’t want to see them win the game like that.  

Fortunately, I didn’t have to.  Kudos to Rockies pitcher Aaron Cook, who was able to pitch out of the extra-inning, bases-loaded, no-out jam. Unbelievable.  Not to mention Orioles pitcher George Sherrill, who entered the game in the top of the twelfth with the bases loaded and two outs – and was out of the inning unscathed just three pitches later.

As much as I would have liked to see Quentin get the game winning hit – he was on deck when Michael Young was batting in the fifteenth – I’m just glad the American league won. It was amazing seeing all the American league players in all those various uniforms congratulating each other after the final run was scored.  All of these players are on individual teams.  They are usually battling one another, but for this night, they were teammates.  Nothing proved this point more than seeing Morneau and Quentin hug one another when the final run was scored.  

This was an All Star Game for the ages.  This lady’s not a Yankees fan, but you have to admit, it was an appropriate final All Star Game for the current Yankee Stadium. If you missed it, watch the archived broadcast on MLB.com.  If you’re any kind of a baseball fan, you will enjoy it.