About ladywhitesoxfan

It’s scary to think that I’ve been living
and dying by the White Sox about as long as some of the
younger guys on the team have been alive, but it’s true. I
have lived in Seattle since December 2005, but I was born and
raised in the Near West Chicago suburbs. I’ve been a Sox fan
since birth, but I could take or leave baseball until the
summer I was 12 – 1983. The more the Sox won, the more I
watched, and by the end of the season I was hooked. I’ve been
following them more or less religiously since that time. I
was there when Harry Caray was still in the broadcast booth
with net in hand, and when the Sox were winning ugly. I was
in the stands chanting “Save our Sox” when they nearly left
the South Side because the ownership wanted a new stadium. I
was lying in bed, wearing headphones, listening to the radio
coverage from Springfield at midnight, and woke the house up
when I shouted in joy because the Sox were staying. I was
there during the years when the team’s best hitters were
batting .225, and each time they’ve made the playoffs since
1983. I watched Ozzie Guillen be a rookie player and a rookie
manager, and I was watching when he managed them to the World
Series Championship in 2005. All that having been said, why
am I writing this when there are other blogs out there?
Because there are things female fans have to deal with that
male fans don’t, and I think it’s a good idea to have a
woman’s opinions represented. Woman aren’t generally supposed
to like baseball so if you, as a woman, do like baseball,
people usually believe it’s because you just like looking at
the cute guys in the tight pants, or that you must have a
crush on one of the players, or something else along those
lines. If you deny that, you’re accused of lying or of being
in denial. If you try to be fair, and point out that since
you are a woman you’d be rather worried about yourself if you
didn’t notice good looking men when you see them, it’s the
same as an admission of guilt. Therefore, as a female fan,
your opinions aren’t generally taken seriously, even if they
are based on facts and logic. Well, here I can state my
opinions and the reasoning behind them and hopefully people
will realize that women can be baseball fans because they
love the game of baseball rather than because they are
infatuated with the players. In addition, my first college
major was Journalism. I originally wanted to be a member of
the sports media, either in broadcasting or in print. This is
my opportunity to get to do something along those lines. By
the way, I changed my major to computer programming for a
variety of reasons. One of the biggest reasons was because I
didn’t want to be sent into the locker room to interview
players. After all, I may be a woman, but I am also a lady.
Also, I’ve come to the realization that most of the sports
radio and television broadcast content you hear is just the
broadcasters stating their opinions. Now, the broadcasters do
have sources that the average fan doesn’t, but in this day
and age, the average fan has access to more information than
ever before. Let’s face it, there are only so many times you
can repeat the scores and highlights. If you want people to
stay tuned, you need to have something new to tell them.
Finally, in my family baseball isn’t passed on father to son.
It’s passed on mother to daughter. My maternal grandmother
liked both the Sox and the Cubs, and she passed away in March
2006, about a week shy of her eighty-second birthday. Because
my grandfather passed away about 6 years before she did, she
watched quite a bit of baseball in her last few years. She
got to see only one World Series Championship in her life,
and it was the Sox in 2005. Because of that, I am deeply
grateful to the White Sox organization for 2005. My mother is
a Sox fan, I am a Sox fan, and my daughter is a Sox fan. So
what does this lady Sox fan believe? First of all, I believe:
Ozzie Guillen has forgotten 10 times more information about
baseball than I’ll ever know. Jerry Reinsdorf must be a good
guy if he was willing to give Ozzie Guillen a team capable of
winning a World Series, just because Ozzie asked for it. Ken
Williams is a shrewd businessman who knows what he’s doing.
Even if I disagree with them, I am willing to trust the
baseball judgment of all of the above, because they know more
than I. Why do I love baseball? Because you could take a
player in uniform from 100 years ago and put him next to a
player in uniform from last year, and they’d look almost
identical. The rules also haven’t changed very much since the
game was first conceived. In short, baseball is timeless. I
also love the physics of baseball. How can a pitcher take two
steps and accelerate a baseball to 95 MPH? How can a hitter
take a round bat and hit that round ball 420 feet in the
opposite direction? How can a pitcher make the ball go
straight just far enough and then drop like it rolled off the
edge of a table? There’s science involved here: rotation,
overcoming inertia, velocity, aerodynamics. That’s cool,
people. That’s where this lady is coming from.


Music in general, choral singing, cartoons
of any kind, Shakespeare, J.K. Rowling, Peter David, Jim
Butcher, anything Sci-Fi