Springtime (?) in Chicago

Well, fellow Sox fans, we’ve waited this long.  We can wait a little longer.  

This being April in Chicago, there’s no telling if it’s going to be snowing, just above freezing and windy or sunny and fifty degrees.  Today it’s going to be the former, so tomorrow is now opening day.  

Unfortunately, you really can’t play baseball in snow.  Calvin and Hobbes proved that when Hobbes pitched a snowball and Calvin’s swing turned that snowball to powder.   

One of the great things about sports is that if they decided to play the game today, despite the weather, there would be fans in the stands – maybe not very many, but there would be some.  

Thank you White Sox, for not making the fans sit through weather better suited to a Bears’ game.  We’d do it if we had to, but we’re glad we don’t have to.


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