Tuesday’s game has no alibi. It was ugly.  Losing 9-3 is never pretty.  Oddly enough, I’m thinking Tuesday’s game could wind up being beautiful in retrospect.

Losing a blowout can do one of two things: It can demoralize you, or it can make you angry enough that you are bound and determined not to lose again.  I’m wondering if this game will be the spark that lights a fire under the Sox’ collective backsides.

If I were with the Sox, I would be angry that we’d just been blown out.  I would think, “We are the first place team here.  We are a force to be reckoned with, no matter whose building we’re playing in.  We will not tolerate being embarrassed.  Not only will we not be blown out again, I will do everything in my power to help us win.  Whatever it takes to win the game.”

Mark Buehrle (14-11, 3.87 ERA) starts Wednesday against Nick Blackburn (10-10, 4.15 ERA.)  This lady likes the Sox’ chances of winning with Buehrle on the mound and (hopefully) an intense desire to prove they’re the better team. 


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